My name is Amber Evencroft. I live in Ravish, or what used to be Europe about two hundred years ago. I live in the capitol city, Gaia, because I am one of the Skilled. I used to live in a small village called Rosary because I was dumped there as a child. I'm an orphan obviously. My Skill is the telepathy. I can read, control and manipulate your minds. Watch out. It might be your mind I'm trying to take over.

Sparring || Michael

Amber smirked as she walked down the hall towards the gym, her hands behind her back, her left hand gripping her right wrist. She was holding a handgun in her fingers and she tightened her grasp on the weapon as she continued down the hall. Technically, she had challenged Dante to spar, but he was the one who’d caught the challenge and said it himself. Technically, his ass kicking was going to be his own fault. 

She turned on her heel and pushed the door open with her back, the smirk still plastered on her pierced lips. She’d been told repeatedly that fighting or going on missions with her piercings was dangerous. They could get caught on something and be ripped out, but it hadn’t happened thus far and for that reason she wasn’t listening to anyone, not even her mentor, James Firth. He was a great man and she tended to do as he told her. In fact, he was the only one that could get her to do anything willingly. Still, she had her rebellious times when she didn’t listen to the man who was her father figure. 

Just inside the gym’s door, her katana leaned against the wall. It wasn’t a weapon she often used, but she was exceptionally good at using the sword as she was the gun in her hands. She put that weapon in the holster on her chest and picked up the katana. She twirled it with her fingers and glanced around the large training center. There was much equipment to help her become better in the field, but she wasn’t interested in drawing blood from Dante today. Just beating him senseless with her hands. It was true that her martial arts weren’t as refined as her swordsmanship and marksmanship and if Dante decided to use his Skill during their fight she was screwed over. Still, she was confident she’d be able to beat him. And if she didn’t…well, at least she had gotten some practicing in and she wouldn’t be bored anymore.

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